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Stockton, California : Tiny Tigers Martial Arts (Ages 5-7)

Our Tiny Tigers program is our Pre-Skills development program that focuses on developing basic motor skills for or youngest students.

This program is for children to get a head start on learning how to learn.  This fun class for tots teaches how to follow directions, listen to a teacher, and how to interact with other children. This is by far the most popular class, and parents that have enrolled their children at this early age have seen amazing results when comparing to other children!

Our Tiny Tigers are better listeners, more socially interactive, have more confidence when asked to perform task, and also develop leadership skills by getting up in the front of the class and performing what we call a Tiger Set. Tiger sets are a series of athletic moves combined with basic martial arts techniques that build the child’s athletic prowess, and help develop coordination. The Tiny Tigers have a blast when they train!

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Our 2 year Tiny Champions program helps develop the following:

* Focus

* Coordination

* Social Interaction skills

* Listening

* Balance

* Confidence

* Self Control

* Teamwork

* Leadership

* Fun!

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“Valor Training Center (VTC) has taught my 6 year to be a more confident and a stronger person…”

maile_eugenio-162x300Sawadee ka!!!

I wasn’t sure how long my daughter (6 years old at the time she started) would stay interested in Muay Thai. She currently attends the Tiny Tigers and Junior Champions Level 2 and Sparring Classes. Long story short….my daughter is 7 years old now and has experienced 6 tournaments. Valor Training Center (VTC) has taught her to be more confident and a stronger person.

A matter of fact, it was my daughter that approached Kru Pat and myself, one evening after class, and said, “I would like to compete and be a part of the fighting team!” We have met so many wonderful people and families coming to VTC, including getting reacquainted with those I went to high school with. My daughter and I are very proud to be a part of a very ELITE TEAM.

Thank you Kru Pat and all the VTC coaches for your dedication, time, and support!!! ”


– Melanie Eugenio Mother of Maile Eugenio Stockton, CA








Tiny Tigers Valor Training Center


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