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We've got the fastest, most intense and totally exciting way to shed fat while building muscle. You'll look great and feel fantastic!


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Cardio Kickboxing

World Class Fitness Instruction, Self-Defense Training and a Ton of Fun ... You’ll get it All!

At VALOR Training Center, we've been helping people get in shape and achieve their fitness goals since 2012. Our professional instructors provide the quality training you need in order to get stronger and lose those extra pounds you've been trying to get rid of for so long. Our fitness program is not your every day exercise routine that quickly becomes old and boring after a few weeks - we make sure it's always changing, so that we keep our students challenged and looking forward to their next class!

Anyone can join a gym and go through the standard treadmill and weights routine, often not getting the results they expect. The complete health and fitness programs offered at VALOR Training Center of Stockton, Lodi, and Manteca, California provide positive and personalized results for each student. Stop trudging through your weekly workout and begin a new one instead - you'll get results you'll love, while enjoying yourself every step of the way!

It's time to start looking and feeling the way you've always wanted.

Our fitness classes at VALOR Training Center can help you make that happen!

We guarantee you'll leave each class sweating and smiling!‚Äč Call today and one of our team members will help you take advantage of our free trial program. You'll have the opportunity to take a class for yourself and make sure VALOR Training Center is the right school for you.

You've got nothing to lose ... and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Experience the weight loss, muscle toning RUSH!

How would you like to get “Fit without getting Hit” in an environment where everyone supports you and what you are trying to achieve?

Then CBR —Cardio Bag Rush–at VALOR Training Center is just for YOU!

CBR is a heart pumping, muscle toning, booty building workout that is EASY—because it’s FUN! And because it’s fun YOU WILL SEE AND FEEL RESULTS!!!!
CBR engages your entire body: arms, legs, shoulders, back (and did I mention yo booty?) Burn up to 1000 calories per hour!

Workout side by side with everyday people: Moms, Dads, Housewives, Doctors, Business Owners and Professional Fighters—EVERYONE can benefit from this “No Judgement/No Ego” workout!

“Thank you to my Coaches for the motivation, classes, private sessions and CBR! Not done yet but I’m on my way. Muuuuuuch Love to you guys!

Thank you Kru as well for creating a place like this to escape to. It's our second home!”

Mother of two—Christina Torres LOST 23 POUNDS in ONLY 1 month training with VALOR Training Center!


"Cardio kickboxing has helped me maintain long lean muscle tone but even more importantly helped me gain focus, confidence and mental strength to face life with my head up high (Knowing that my left kick could do some major damage to whatever steps in my way)! From the elbows to the hooks from the squats to the burpees, I love everything that my coach challenges me with knowing that the results are going to be amazing! I love my experience at Valor and encourage anyone to come and see for themselves how awesome it really is!!!" - Mindie Brown